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John Graves Simcoe

Trans-Canada Trail, Penetanguishene ON, L9M 1M8 Canada

British military officer and first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada (1752 – 1806)

With vision and enthusiasm, he set about developing the new world wilderness London sent him to oversee. Simcoe established York (Toronto) as the capital of Upper Canada, and deeply influenced the early society, roads, laws and governance of Ontario. In 1793, he foresaw Penetanguishene’s strategic value as a naval base. In fact, the Penetanguishene Naval Establishment later proved to be a key development in the Town’s history. Sculpted in clay and cast in broze, the monument was created by Canadian sculptor Tyler Fauvelle, an artist inspired by Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. He invites you to look through the telescope… 

Trans-Canada Trail, Penetanguishene ON, L9M 1M8 Canada

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