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Trans-Canada Trail, Penetanguishene ON, L9M 1M8 Canada

(1592 1633)

The first European appeared in the Penetanguishene area around 1610. Samuel de Champlain, governor of New France, dispatched eighteen-year-old tienne Brl, a coureur des bois, to explore Georgian Bay. Brl travelled from Qubec to learn the ways and language of the Huron-Wendat Nation and establish fur-trading contacts from Penetanguishene to Qubec. Brls youth, bravery and adventurous outlook contributed to his discovery of three (and possibly all five) of the Great Lakes and helped established French roots in Penetanguishene. Brl became the first permanent French representative in this region, and adopted some of the aboriginal customs that suited him. In 1629 while war was waging between France and England, Brl betrayed Champlain, and guided the English fleet up the St. Lawrence River where the English and Iroquois captured Champlain and Qubec. It is speculated that Brls treason and other indiscretions caused the Huron-Wendat to turn on him, killing him in 1633.

Trans-Canada Trail, Penetanguishene ON, L9M 1M8 Canada

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