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The Penetanguishene Angels

Portals to Huronia | Designated in 1985

Declared as the “Portals to Huronia “ in the 1921 Tercentenary celebrations, the Angels mark both the entrance to our Town and a welcome to all visitors. They were erected through the efforts of Father Athol Murray, parish priest at that time, and the family of Gerald Lahaie, to celebrate his entrance into the Jesuit order. The Angels have become a symbol for Penetanguishene’s dual heritage and an appropriate historical message to all visitors to our Town. These Angels are replicas of the originals currently housed at the Centennial Museum.

In 2023 the angels were relocated from their original location at 194 Main Street to 9845 County Road 93 in consultation with the Heritage Advisory Committee. As the angels neared their 100th anniversary, the committee noted that they no longer provided that ‘sense of arrival’ to Penetanguishene that they once did. They were beginning to get lost in all the development as the Town grew away from the downtown core towards the neighbouring municipality of Midland. With almost $275,000 in financial assistance provided from the Government of Canada through the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage Program, Legacy Fund component, the Town was able to re-establish the famous Penetanguishene Angels as the Town’s gateway and moved them to the true municipal border. They were also elevated with a small parkette added so that trail users along the busy County Road could stop, admire and learn about them. Upon their movement, long standing residents once again noted a feeling of being ‘home’ when driving past the trumpeting angels.

A celebration was held on September 25, 2023 in conjunction with Franco-Ontarian Day, in Rotary Champlain Wendat Park to educate the public about their historical significance and educate younger generations about the unique and celebrated multi-lingual history of the Town. Three smaller angels were commissioned by a local artists and affixed to different municipal buildings in Town to help tell their story.

Individuals interested in visiting the angels and the parkette are encouraged to utilize the segregated multi-use trail to safely visit the site.

Constructed in 1921

9845 County Road 93, Penetanguishene Ontario, L9M 1L9 Canada

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